Compact, value-priced, high quality chemiluminescence reader

Great Image Quality

Westar R is equipped with a CCD 16-bit camera.

Increased Sensibility

Westar R integrates multiple binning modes in order to register even the faintest band.

Forget your Darkroom

Westar R offers high quality imaging capabilities.

One device for all your chemiluminescence imaging needs

Small Size, Big Power

Save Time, Save Money

Hi Tech Cyanagen presents its new, powerful and compact chemiluminescence reader with a simple and user-friendly acquisition interface.

The unit is available in two versions, one for Western blotting ad one for both Western blotting and Elisa.
Westar R is the ideal replacement for X-ray film detection.

WR001-WBWestern Blotting
WR001-WBEWestern Blotting and Elisa

Choose your Style

Westar R comes in four different layouts. Choose the best for you.

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Hi Tech Cyanagen is a company controlled by Cyanagen and dedicated to the advanced research and development in the field of the biochemistry.

Hi Tech Cyanagen has also a branch dedicated to the marketing of scientific equipment for laboratories.

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A direct and continuous problem solving support to the customer;
Customized research and development programs in the biochemical field.

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